The Greasy Spoon’s Weirdo Du Jour was published in 2010 as a perzine, after 3 years of working in a dive. Partially inspired by Tom Waits’ Nighthawks at the Diner, it served up several short stories of unusual customers from the perspective of a short order cook. With a limited run of 500, it is now considered out of print though some copies still float about the United States in various zine libraries and was even distributed in Australia. Bunny Ears Distro released 3 spoken word tracks the same year on Bandcamp.

Available for download or streaming:

Weirdo Du Jour Part 2: Oven Fresh Hell was released in 2019 as a compilation zine. Over 25 anonymous contributors were interviewed over a 6 month period for their strangest tales of weird customers, weirder coworkers, and the surreal portal of kitchen experience. The end result was a hefty 92 page color zine with over 30 confessional stories. The first printing run included a free pair of red/blue anaglyph 3D glasses and pizza scratch n’sniff stickers. A copy of the zine somehow ended up in the SAIC Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection.

Now considered out of print, it is available free online as a PDF zip file :

As part of 2020’s QuaranZINE Fest, Krystle Ratticus participated in a virtual zine reading from the pages of Weirdo Du Jour Part 2: Oven Fresh Hell.