• Ornery Cuss Perzine
    I wrote a zine, and it’s not about horror movies, but it does have a lot of monsters. Ornery Cuss is a dark humored perzine with 11 short stories about mental illness, addiction, and grief. Locally, it is available at Quimby’s Book Store & Chicago Comics. Soon, it’ll be available at Atomic Books in Baltimore, MD, and other distros across the U.S. If you’re not in Chicago and can’t wait, Venmo $4 (+$1 s&h) to ‘weirdodujour’ and put your mailing address in the notes. I’ll even throw some little stickers in. TW: drug and alcohol use, domestic violence, sexual assault, […]
  • The Eternal Vibes of Dr. Phibes: Resurrecting a Horror Icon
    2021 marked the 50th anniversary of Robert Fuest’s comedy horror film, The Abominable Dr. Phibes. Starring the legendary Vincent Price as a half-dead madman bent on retribution. The film is a decadent entry in early 70’s gothic horror with nostalgia for the roaring 20’s. Where elegance meets the preposterous, played straight. Cultivating a massive cult following for over 5 decades, the vibes of Phibes have left a dramatic influence on the horror genre.   Revenge is the Best Medicine In an art deco ballroom stylized with shades of pink and lavender, a cloaked organist rises to the stage. Accompanied by a […]
  • The Beast Called Fame
    Musical Double Feature: Phantom of The Paradise and Shock Treatment Whether adapted from stage or produced strictly for the big screen, musicals have been popular since the emergence of sound film technology. Choreography and music interwoven delight the imaginations of young and old alike, with lavish sets and perspectives that would be impractical in a theater. Adding in elements of kitsch and horror have given us classics like Little Shop of Horrors and Hedwig And The Angry Inch, yet one of the most common themes in musical film is a rags-to-riches tale. Set within the entertainment industry, characters of humble […]
  • Tuesday is Soylent Green Day
    In the liminal space between holidays, we prepare to say goodbye to another year of unreality. 2022 draws to a close with the world population exceeding 8 billion and our Overshoot Day falling on July 28th, the earliest ever recorded. With major weather events, political misdeeds, and acts of mad science dominating news headlines, our day-to-day lives feel like a dystopian fever dream. The Orwellian issues of censorship and surveillance already permeate modern culture and AI art generators have us all questioning what it means to be human. The subtle renderings of reality have blended into a pulpy sci-fi fantasy. […]
  • Anatomy of a Monster: History of the movie Pin
    80’s horror writer, Andrew Neiderman, published his novel Pin in 1981. Described as a waspy gothic drama with incestuous undertones, the dark themes resonated with fans of fellow horror novelist, V.C. Andrews. Following her passing in 1986, Neiderman was the natural choice to become her ghost writer. The novel Pin was passed to a Canadian doctor suddenly turned horror director, Sandor Stern. Stern found Neiderman’s characters to be tragically alluring. Especially the story’s focal point, a medical office’s anatomical dummy. With the author consulting the good doctor, Stern would adapt the book for the big screen and direct Pin for […]


Past works

  • Rabbiteen Zine #01
  • Haunted Emporium Magazine 2021
  • Wonderlust Literary Zine #4
  • Malevolent Magazine #10
  • Suspect Press Quarterly 2014